Kleen Tank gets your RV's holding tanks factory "kleen"

Tank Problems?

Find out the top five reasons why you’re having tank problems, whether it’s sensors, odors, or drainage issues. Here’s why you need Kleen Tank!

Tank Solution Recipe

You’ve heard of Kleen Tank’s RV tank solution. Get the recipe here so that you can make your own and leave the enzymes behind.

Our Current Location & Travel Plans

Click here to discover where we’re at now — and where we’ll be going. We’re always trying to meet up with customers to perform our tank cleaning service.



Korey Seeba of Kleen Tank on the Road No. 9, an Authorized Kleen Tank DealerKleen Tank on the Road No. 9, an Authorized Kleen Tank Dealer and the nation’s leading professional RV holding tank cleaning service company is servicing RVs as we travel around the U.S. (see our current location and travel plans by clicking here). We’re veteran-owned and operated and part of the Kleen Tank family of Authorized Dealers.

If your RV’s tank sensors misread, you have persistent tank odors you’re sick of smelling, or perhaps a clog or obstruction in your RV’s holding tanks, get a quote for service or schedule an appointment today! Have a question or curious about our service? We’re always glad to give some advice. Simply call us directly at 605-305-0861 or contact us online

Using our exclusive hydrojetting technology, Kleen Tank gets your RV’s waste holding tanks clean — from the inside — without using damaging chemicals, messing up your campsite, or upsetting your neighbors. And we almost always get your RV’s tank sensors working and accurate again. We even teach you along the way what you can do to keep them working. All without chemicals, gimmicks, or expensive processes.

Whether it’s a clogged RV toilet, a slow draining system, or just annual maintenance on your RV’s waste system, Kleen Tank is fast, economical, and safe for the environment — and your RV. We spend as much time teaching you about your RV’s waste holding tanks and waste system as we do cleaning your tanks. If you’re tired of your RV’s sensors not being accurate, give Kleen Tank a call today at 605-305-0861.

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Why an RV Tank Isn’t a Septic Tank

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“As a full-time RVer, it can be tough to line up good service, but this was a snap. When calling to schedule the appointment, Korey was very easy to deal with, answering questions and working out a time/place. The day of service, he arrived promptly and did a great job and he was very happy to let me stay with him to see the process and ask all sorts of questions! He was sure to clean up the site perfectly and made sure i knew next steps before he left and emphasized that I should call with any questions. ”



Your RV’s sensors aren’t accurately reading because your waste holding tanks are dirty, no matter what you do to them. Onboard sprayers aren’t taking care of the problem. Enzymes and other chemical tank additives are only making the situation worse. You’ve probably given up hope of them every working properly again.

Kleen Tank’s hydrojetting process is the ONLY way to get your tank sensors working properly — and accurately!